Thursday, October 30, 2014

Derek Boogaard's Dad Goes Public

((HT: Sportsnet))

There's a new book out on the troubled life of NHL enforcer Derek Boogaard- the HQ encourages picking it up...

The Boogey Man's dad, Len, went on "Prime Time Sports" for the first time to discuss what he thinks happened to his son through the eyes of the National Hockey League...

Bottom line- he thinks his son's problems, mounting as he continued to play, were left and not addressed in a timely fashion...
Brett Popplewell addressed Boogaard's last days in the premier edition of Sportnet Magazine back in 2011. John Branch wrote in his book on Boogaard as Sportsnet reports: "Within a year, Derek would have teeth knocked out and be prescribed vast amounts of painkillers by team doctors.In another year, he would be in substance abuse rehabilitation. In another year, he would be in New York, rich and miserable and alone. And in another year, he would be dead."
Boogaard was diagnosed, after his death, with CTE and his father went on to do his own investigation surrounding his son's passing.

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