Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Investigation: UNC Has Paper Classes That Are Paper Tigers

((HT: ABC11 Raleigh))

The HQ saw them and took part in them in our college days...

There was always the class that was an easy, athlete class that was supposed to be an easy "A."

For us it was things like Family and Child Development, Geology, Theatre, and Freshman-level Public Speaking in our senior year. We know of athletes that took correspondence classes to stay eligible. So, the idea that there is steering of athletes to easier classes to maintain their eligibility isn't all that new...

But the scope of what happened at the University of North Carolina might be the issue this time around. In the wake of the African-American Families major that was attached to a lot of Tarheels athletes and the idea that they were (gasp) given preferential treatment in those classes was the subject of an investigation that went back 18 years on campus.

What the former federal prosecutor Kenneth Wainstein found was just "a lot..."

Here's the full report should you want to read it

Former department chairman Julius Nyang'oro and former student services manager Deborah Crowder were at the center of the investigation and, as the math tells, almost 48-percent of the students in the AFAM-major classes were athletes in the 18-year period.

Employees at UNC-CH were disciplined as a result of the investigation and, apparently, AD Dick Baddour and then-head football coach Butch Davis were aware of AFAM. Baddour allegedly didn't pry and Davis denied knowing of the steering.

The HQ thinks this is far from over in the long-term...

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