Friday, October 24, 2014

Josh Childress With the Nasty Flying Elbow

Yeesh! We always wondered what happened to former Atlanta Hawk and Phoenix Suns player Josh Childress. Or the NBA player formerly known as the guy with Kid in Play's hair.

A few years ago Childress took a big money offer and left the NBA to play in we believe Greece.

Well, Josh appears to be working his way around the globe as he's now in Australia's National Basketball league, with even bigger hair and playing for the Sydney Kings.

He also appears to have found a bit of a temper.

Check out this video of Childress getting knocked down by a strong, but legal pick from Jesse Wagstaff of the Perth Wildcats.

Childress did not like the play. So much so that he sprang up from the floor and delivered a full speed flying elbow/clothesline to Wagstaff's face.

And yes, he was tossed from the game...

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