Friday, December 5, 2014

Another Round Of Examples Of What UAB Is Leaving Behind Without Football

((HT: MyFoxAL/Britton Lynn))

You have already seen our coverage of the protests last night at Bartow Arena where the University of Alabama-Birmingham student body made the first of, what the HQ hopes is, a zillion points showing the stupidity of the Alabama Board of Trustees in disbanding the football, rifle, and bowling teams on campus.

But we found a cool feature by Britton Lynn over at MyFoxAlabama showcasing one of the team captains- a junior linebacker who is going to go from linebacker to defender of our freedoms.

Here's the story of Cadet Derek Slaughter

And you may have noticed an athlete in a wheelchair who has been front and center of all the protests on campus.
It is UAB tight end Timothy Alexander- and, yes, we said "athlete in a wheelchair."

His story reminds us all of what really is important- just like Cadet Slaughter's story...
((HT: CBS Sports))

A third example is a must read from's Alex McDaniel as she introduces us to the heartbreak of Birmingham local Brandon Prince- caring for his hospitalized dad when he heard the news.

These are the kind of athletes and persons UAB is getting rid of...

Good job...

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