Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Morning Wrap: MSG Security Ejects One-Legged Nets Superfan


This is just plain weird and seemingly hard to explain.

Jeffrey Gamblero, a self-proclaimed Brooklyn Nets super fan was ejected from Tuesday nights Nets vs. NY Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.

In fact, MSG Security was seen carrying Gamblero, who has a prosthetic leg from the facility.

The reasons for it remain unclear. Security says Gamblero took off his leg and was swinging it wildly at people around him.

Thought people seated around him and who saw the incident say nothing of the sort happened.

According to various accounts, Gamblero, who was featured in the New York Times in November, has been adopted by Nets owner Mikhaim Prohorov who apparently flew him to the teams game in London in 2013.

Witnesses say Gamblero was cheering for his Nets loudly and sometimes demonstrably. Not a punishable offense in most arenas. But he caught the attention of security and either they or someone in the stands complained and a confrontation ensued.

Words were exchanged and Gamblero began cheering for the Knicks for a brief time before security returned, carrying him out of the stands.

Instagram Video of the ejection:

A video posted by jeigs (@jeigs) on

Local Brooklyn blog "The Brooklyngame" has more on the issue. They spoke to a man named Max who sat right behind Gamblero and said he was loud, but family friendly and having a good time.

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Okay, so he was having fun and Knicks fans, who apparently didn't like their team losing yet gain (Brooklyn won) and complained about it.

The Knicks confirmed the ejection to Tim Bontemps of the New York Post:

The whole thing is just weird and sad.

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