Tuesday, December 9, 2014

NHL Doesn't Object To Looking At Vegas

((HT: Sportsnet))

MGM is building a new arena in Las Vegas, the HQ knows this...

The NHL Owners Meetings in Boca are now are kicking the tires on the the idea of going to that new Maloof Brothers arena and housing a franchise in that city- whether it's as a relocation or an expansion franchise.

Here's Strombo, Kypper, and Friedge after Evanka Osmak sets the introduction to discuss

The HQ has looked at the landscape and it appears to be going in three directions- Las Vegas, Quebec City, and Seattle.

It would make more sense to relocate ailing franchises in Phoenix and Florida to two of those cities and expand to Seattle and a 32nd city. But, with the idea of fellow owners getting over $30-million if two franchises are added, there's going to be a push in the next few years for the watering down of a product instead of strengthening what you already have.

Money in hand always trumps money down the line...

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