Saturday, December 6, 2014

NJIT Upsets Michigan: Yeah, We Didn't Have That One, Either

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After Yale knocked off UConn yesterday, the HQ thought that this end of the college hoops season might be one of THOSE college basketball seasons.

We might be right...

NJIT (the New Jersey Institute of Technology) has been a traditional doormat since they promoted themselves up to Division I athletics. They've been around D1 since 2006-07 and, at one point, lost 51 in a row in their transitional phase. But the losing streak doesn't count in the stacks because of the classification.

As the only independent in D1, they have to take a lot of road game paychecks- one of them is the game at Crisler Arena against Michigan this afternoon. The end result comes up as one of the early season shockers.

Josh Lewin and Stephen Bardo have the recap

When you hit almost 60-percent from the floor and you're good from three-point, this is what you get sometimes...

Good for the Highlanders...

Here's how the voice of the Highlanders Matt Provence called the end of the game.

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