Sunday, December 7, 2014

No Bowl For UAB, Bentley Gives Political Response

((HT: Montgomery Advertiser))

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley attempted to weigh in on the whole blowing up of the UAB program...

And, in true political fashion, we have this response...
The HQ thinks that the comparison he is TRYING to make has to do with the Lowder instance at Auburn. But Lowder acted independently of the rest of the Board of Trustees and, since Bentley is governor, he is naturally predisposed to getting the information that the BoT is going to do whatever it is going to do. So, whatever... And there's no bowl game in the deal for UAB as well... the Armed Forces Bowl seemed to be the only bowl with an open spot and they gave it to Pitt- which makes close to zero sense, but the HQ is quite aware that no bowl game will touch this situation. We only wished that Florida deferred in the Birmingham Bowl and gave them their spot... UAB and Middle Tennessee were the two teams bowl eligible in Conference USA So, here's the presser that killed three teams at once FOSG Trent Butler anchored coverage at the time ((HT: WIAT-TV))

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