Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ohio St QB Barrett Being Investigated by Police in Dispute


Well, it's never a good thing to have to report on an athlete being investigated by police. And while injured Ohio State QB J.T Barrett has yet to be charged with anything, he is being investigated and the evidence doesn't sound so good.

Police were called to Barrett's apartment Tuesday night after 9-1-1 calls from both him and his ex-girlfriend. Needless to say, the two accounts of what was going on differed a bit.

Barrett's call was him basically saying he wanted his 19-year old ex-girlfriend out of his house. While her call she claimed she had a domestic violence account. She said Barrett choked her and threw her across the room and that she was pregnant.

Barrett apparently told police later in the evening that she ran at him, pushed and swung at him and he just pushed her away.

Uh oh...

We hope this is much ado about nothing. Barrett was a revelation to the Buckeyes this football season. But this does not sound very good.

With the attention given to domestic violence issues, if indeed Barrett did what he is accused of by his ex-girlfriend, he's in a lot of trouble. And he should be.

But the investigation is not compete.

The Columbus Dispatch has the 9-1-1 Calls. Listen and decide for yourself...

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