Friday, December 5, 2014

Three Faulkner U. Athletes Charged in Death of Fourth Athlete


Three 19-year old Faulkner University athletes are facing murder charges Friday morning in the shooting death of a fourth athlete.

19-year old Ryan Brooks was shot and killed by a man who's home was being robbed by the 4 athletes Wednesday night. The homeowner shot and killed Brooks, police say that was a self-defense killing.

But the other 3 men involved in the robbery, 19-year olds Marshall Wall, Ronnie Williams and Tabias Russell were charged in death because according to Alabama law, they are suspects in the robbery along with Brooks.

Faulkner University is a small, private Christian school outside of Montgomery, Alabama. Wall was a part of the school's soccer team, Williams, Russell and Brooks all were part of the J.V football program.

Montgomery Police are still investigating the incident, no word on a court date or bond for the athletes.

The T.V story from WSFA in Montgomery: Montgomery Alabama news.

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