Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Video Of Gurley Signing Now Public

((HT: ESPN/McMurphy))

Brett McMurphy and Andy Staples caught up with the sports memorabilia collector that caused all the grief in and around Todd Gurley's ineligibility with the University of Georgia.

Bryan Allen says he didn't mean it and hates all the grief the incident caused:

"I can't change any of that stuff -- any of those emails, me talking to the school, how it was handled -- I can't change any of that," Bryan Allen said in his first interview since Gurley was suspended for four games after admitting he accepted money for autographs. "If I could, I would.

"Because I never wanted to screw over Gurley. I never wanted to screw over their fans or anything like that. That was never my intention. I wish I had never even gone down there. It's not worth it."

Here's the video of the signing

It's a whole bunch of inches where Allen apologizes for everything short of kidnapping the Lindbergh baby...

Good read and a lot mf mea culpas...

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