Friday, January 6, 2012

Report: Penn St. to hire O'Brien, delusional alums freak out

Bill O'Brien

According to published reports, Penn State has found their replacement for fired coach Joe Paterno. That man is New England Patriot offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports the Nittany Lions plan on making an official announcement on Saturday and will add that O'Brien will stay on with New England during their playoff run.

But of course, with this being Penn State, there is a big division on reaction.

It appears, keeping with tradition, the University has been very "Tight-lipped" in telling anybody their intentions. Why? We don't know. It's not a secret and you should keep people within your circle informed as to what is happening.


Already there is a backlash. Penn St. alum LaVar Arrington on Twitter Friday morning: "I'm done all my PSU stuff will be down before obriens introduction! We are! No more for me!

Way to support your alma mater LaVar.

And then there is the "Lettermen's Club" (not a strip club). They have focused there ire on interim AD Dave Joyner and others.

Heres a quote from former LB Brandon Short (courtesy of USA Today): "There is a tangible standard at Penn State that this poor guy knows nothing about. I feel badly for him, he is clueless and will not have the support of the majority of the Lettermen. This is a hornet's nest."

According to USA today, Short and many others in the group are upset that Tom Bradley or another of the long-time Penn Staters were not hired.

Earth to Brandon Short: Reality called. Inbreeding has been the source of many of your problems. They had to hire an outsider and if you don't understand that, then that is on you.

O'Brien, according to multiple sources, did interview for the job Thursday and really, the hire is not a surprise. In the real world (not the one many Penn State'rs seem to live in), O'Brien is a decent hire. Yes, we realize he doesn't necessarily have the "Head Coaching" experience background. But lets be real here: Penn State wasn't going to get a "Big Name" head coach.

Certainly, O'Brien has had success running an offense and it may or may not end up being a good hire, but Penn St. had to take a chance on someone. He may prove to be a great hire or he may not. But keep this in mind Nittany Lion fan; you aren't what you once were. Your image has taken a big, big hit and your reputation is all but gone. All you can do right now is take what you can get, hope someone made the right move and once you get past "Sandusky", maybe then you can move forward.

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