Friday, July 5, 2013

Reports: Twitter Explodes Over Dwight Howards "Decision"--He'll Sign With The Rockets (UPDATED)

((UPDATE--Reports are circulating the Rockets are also on the verge of a "Sign-and-trade" deal with the Atlanta Hawks for Josh Smith. If that does take place, it would change some of the issues brought up below. Yes, it would make the Rockets the "Team to Beat" in the NBA West))

So. Can we say that possibly the most over-hyped sports story of the July 4th weekend will revolve around soon-to-be Houston Rockets center Dwight "Cry-baby" Howard?

Multiple reports say the mercurial 27-year old has decided to leave the Los Angeles Lakers and take his talents to Houston. We might mention that the Rockets have gone to great lengths this offseason to clear salary space by jettisoning multiple players and are looking to get rid of a few more players.

Howard in Houston would team with the talented James Harden, forward Chandler Parsons and a few "other guys" to give the Rockets the appearance of a "title" team.

Don't believe it.

Sure, they may compete, and really, outside Oklahoma City and maybe San Antonio and now probably the Los Angeles Clippers and possibly the Golden State Warriors, there's not a ton of teams who can compete for an NBA title. (Okay, so I named 4-others)

No, we aren't fans of Howard, whom we know from his days as a fairly likeable kid playing ball at SW Atlanta Christian School. But somewhere between there and the end of his run with the Orlando Magic, he turned into the prototypical "Spoiled-Brat" athlete.

And no, don't feel sorry for the LA Lakers, whose "Max" offer has been spurned. They knew going in that Howard could be a 1-year rental and that turned out to be true.

Sure, he may be a "Savior" for the decent, but not great Rockets, and we have no doubt he'll lead them to the playoffs, but when his "Contract" is up or if they don't win a title, which Dwight will they get? The "fun-loving", kid-friendly guy who wants to be part of a good team or the "me-first", find me a coach who runs an offense I like-guy whom he seems to have become....

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