Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MIke Shanahan vs. The World: Wednesday's Edition

This too funny not to post or laugh about.

Pity the poor Washington Redskins....or more specifically embattled Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan.

Shanahan has taken a ton of heat this season. From the teams 3-10 current record to his decision in last years playoffs to let QB Robert Griffin III play while hurt and summarily rushing Griffin back to play this season and the anxiety of his notoriously impulsive team owner Dan Snyder, it's coming from all sides.

Oh, did we mention the national media?

Today's adventure comes on the heels of him announcing that Griffin will sit out the rest of the season and backup Kirk Cousins will be the starter for the last 3 games.

Already many don't understand the move--Is Shanahan trying to get fired? Is he trying to protect Griffin from his horrible line, and himself? Does he think Cousins is better? Has he lost his mind?

All of those question and more have popped up on Twitter and other places.

On to today's presser--

Wednesday is traditionally "Open Lockerroom" day in the NFL and with that, the coaches do their weekly preview interviews for the upcoming game.

Which in the case of Washington, is a battle with equally disappointing Atlanta (3-10)....

But today's highlight was Shanahan--who provided some serious gems:


"I don't talk to anybody off the record"---Uh, yeah

"Dan (Snyder) could care less about the other positions"---Interpret that as you will

"I don't know {if I'll be back next year} until I sit down with Dan. We'll find out what I think, I'll give him my opinions and he'll give me his opinions. Maybe we'll just hit it off and I'll get that 12-15 year contract. Maybe 3 years"---Uh, okay...

"I'm trying to be as honest as I can and I don't normally do that"--So what are you saying here?

Comedy gold Jerry, comedy gold.

A full story on today's adventures from CSN Washington RIGHT HERE

Video to come later--

Now is later, your video Courtesy of CSN Washington:

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