Monday, December 9, 2013

No Tailgating, No Walking and Limited Parking at Super Bowl (No Fun For You)


Of course the catch with this story is you actually have to get a ticket to Super Bowl XLVIII, which, unless you are a sponsor, corporate executive, a-d level celebrity you are not likely to get.

Super Bowl committee chairman Al Kelly told that all the rules listed in the title will be in play. And of course that means even more limited access to America's most popular sporting event.

Kelly says only 13,000 parking spaces/passes will be available at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium and as long as you stay within the confines of your parking spaces lines, you can do whatever you want. But he also adds, they'll be looking for you.

Kelly also added that anyone looking to get dropped off (that's you celebrities) will need a pass for their limo. For everyone else, the recommendation is they take a bus.

Yes, the committee will provide buses (The Fan Express) from 9 different lots, at a charge of $51 for potential riders.

Oh, he also added nobody will be able to "Walk Up" to the stadium.

Read the entire story RIGHT HERE

So...before you say we are just being snarky about the whole Super Bowl experience, we aren't. Do you actually know anyone who has gotten a ticket? And if they did, was it anywhere below the highest 15 rows of said stadium?

Trust us, we've worked Super Bowl games, they are a lot less fun in person than they are on TV. Even more so these days. With the added security measures now in place for the event, it will take hours for everyone to get in.

If you have a ticket.

As much as attending a Super Bowl is on almost every fans short list, we don't recommend it. And if you do it, bring your wallet.

The general public (you and me) aren't really welcome at the game. The NFL honestly doesn't care if you go or not. Unless you are a real VIP, own a large corporation or have been on TV before. It's true...really it's true.

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