Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reports: Mack Brown to Step Down at Texas or Did He? Updates (And More Updates)

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Update--Brown is quoted by texas.247.sports.com in an updated story. He tells them "I'm in Florida recruiting. If I had decided to step down, I sure wouldn't be killing myself down here. I have not decided to step down."

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Hmmm....can I get a "Not so Fast My Friends"?---That includes us...

Though we might add, much of the speculation on Brown's status hinges on a UT Trustees board meeting set for Thursday. The belief is the official word will come then.

Unless it's leaked out


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So, it looks like it really wasn't hype. The speculation was true.

The ever impressive Chip Brown of Orangebloods.com reports that University of Texas head coach Mack Brown will resign from his job after 16 years of leading the Longhorns.

Chip says that Mack Brown will get every bit of the $2.75 million buyout written into his contract. And Brown, who will leave just 2 wins short of being Texas's all-time wins leader, will be honored at his teams season ending banquet next week.

Read the entire story from Orangebloods RIGHT HERE

There had been numerous rumors this season and last that Brown's days were numbered. The Longhorns, arguably the nation's richest, most well supported program had been struggling since really 2005, when they lost the National Championship game to USC.

Speculation has been rampant most of the season the Longhorns were trying to woo Alabama coach Nick Saban. Saban, through channels has denied and in fact laughed off that speculation.

But a story surfaced last week claiming Saban has had a deal in place all along this season. And that he was just waiting for the right time to announce it.

Stay tuned, we should find out in the next few days if that's the trick new athletic director Steve Patterson has up his sleeve.

PM UPDATE: The Orangebloods story has Brown stepping down after the Alamo Bowl...

Naturally, Brown's lawyer has told the Associated Press that it isn't happening...

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