Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reports: Mack Brown Will Stay With Texas After All

What was that famous quote? "Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated?"

That may very well be the them song of University of Texas head coach Mack Brown.

Early this week, it was widely reported (including here at OSG Sports) that Brown was going to be forced to resign his job. And the rumors were that Alabama head coach Nick Saban was being set-up to replace him.

According to a report from Bobby Burton of, Brown will be on the Longhorns sideline for another year.

Mind you this comes on the heels of an report Friday stating Brown was fighting to keep his job. Their report and others say Brown was ready to step down from the job, but after word leaked out at the beginning of the week, he got mad and changed his mind.

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Brown's contract in Austin runs through the year 2020 and pays him north of $5 million a year. The Longhorn faithful (guys with money) have gotten restless the past few seasons as the team has struggled to be competitive at the highest levels of the BCS and College Football. They seem to be of the impression that Texas A&M has passed them by after moving to the SEC and having lots of success.

Another factor cited by many is that Brown is but 2 wins away from passing Longhorns legend Darrell Royal's record for most wins. (Royal had 160, Brown has 158)

Either way, it appears Mack Brown will probably be back on the Texas sideline in 2014. However….another 8-4 or worse season and, well, we suspect this whole conversation will probably come up yet again….

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