Monday, June 30, 2014

Akron Rubber Ducks Adds The "Johnny Footlong" To Their Concession Menu.

[HT: Akron Rubber Ducks]

Johnny Manziel now has a food product named after him.

The "Johnny Footlong" that is being sold at Canal Park in Akron, Ohio

Johnny Footlong sounds like a really bad porn movie. Yes their are some many really bad jokes here that we will let you imagination take over.

If you do decide to eat the "Johnny Footlong" those of us at the OSG HQ recommend you have a bottle of Tums with you.

According to the Rubber Ducks the "Johnny Footlong" is an 8-ounce Five Star hot dog topped with Texas Jack chili, shredded pepper jack cheese and Sriracha sauce.

"Johnny Football mania is in full swing at Canal Park, and we are excited to have a food & beverage offering dedicated to the new Browns Quarterback. It's an exciting time for the Akron and Cleveland area," Rubber Ducks General Manager Jim Pfander said.

No word if Johnny Football himself has enjoyed a "Johnny Footlong".  Then again that would be none of our business.

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