Monday, June 23, 2014

Of Course... FIFA Dropped The Mexico Gay Slur Case

FIFA's disciplinary panel has decided that they won't take any action against the Mexico football federation after the "investigation" of fans using a chant against the rival team's goalkeeper in previous matches this tournament in Brazil.

The chant, which (once again) the HQ will not print, is used in Mexican leagues as a tradition- calling the keeper (loosely translated) a male whore when he executes a goal kick...

FIFA says the chant "is not considered insulting in this specific context"- whatever in the blue hell that actually means.

The president of the Mexican federation, Hector Gonzalez, was interviewed by ESPN FC's John Sutcliffe who (along with national coach Miguel Herrera) didn't think the chant was all that bad in the first place when the issue first came up...
((HT: ESPN))

The HQ would like to congratulate FIFA in reinforcing who they actually are to the rest of us..

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