Tuesday, June 17, 2014

OSG High: So, About That Broken $60-Million Stadium...


The Allen Independent School District (ISD) met last night in a closed-door meeting to figure out how in the blue hell they're going to get their three-year-old, mega-stadium figured out and fixed in time for the 2015 high school athletics season.

Two engineering firms are assisting the ISD in the analysis, but the construction company that was involved in making Eagle Stadium was not around for the meeting last night.

The stadium has been closed because of structural flaws and the inability for the stadium to support proper weight distributions of fans and the stadium itself.

Allen ISD is less than pleased that, it looks like, someone cut corners to get the barn up in time. And the ISD are waiting for the appraisal of the damage before giving the construction company their marching orders from this moment forward.

Jobin Panicker is outside the building

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