Monday, June 23, 2014

Yeah, Okay... We'll Talk About It, Too...


The HQ had the feeling Twitter broke twice in, about, a half an hour Sunday when Clint Dempsey scored and then CR7 assisted in game-tying goal with ten seconds left in the USA-Portugal match for a salvaged 2-2 draw.

Let's relive that hell all over again, shall we...??? With analysis...

So, there's all the talk now of colluding with Germany Thursday so both advance (yeah, that NEVER has happened in the past) and Portugal can go home- which would be the biggest irony of it all.

The back line was a complete breakdown in the last possession and NBCSports analyzes with a Molly Ringwold reference
((HT: Dan Patrick Show/Audience Network))

Yeah, it feels like a loss- and with a country that has increased expectations- it should be...

Now, go and park that bus against Germany!!!

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