Sunday, June 22, 2014

Minor League Baseball Team to host Mark Emmert Fan Appreciation Night


Bwhahahaha! This is fantastic....

The Lake County Captains, the Class A Minor League affiliate for the nearby Cleveland Indians have come up with a wickedly smart promotion that some may not get, but if you know your college sports, you definitely will.

The Captains will hold Mark Emmert Appreciation night on July 2nd.

Yes, that's NCAA President Mark Emmert...

The Captains came up with the idea after Emmert, while testifying in the Ed O'Bannon college athlete trademark case said "We know that in the U.S, minor league sports aren't very successful either for the fan support or for the fan experience.

A link to the Captains press release: RIGHT HERE

Here are your rules:

--All fans who do nothing but stay until the 3rd inning, get credit towards a future game of their choice.
--In honor of the new ruling allowing student-athletes to eat food whenever they want it, 4 college students at the game will get "All-you-can-eat" wristbands and tickets to a future game.
--During the game, fans can move from their ticketed seat location to another seat, subject to a one inning waiting period...if they want a different view.
--Copies of the book "Undue Process--The NCAA's Injustice For All" will be given to lucky attendees.
--Other prizes include: "One and Done" player basketball cards and copies of college football and basketball video games.
--Participants involved in the in-game promotions will NOT be rewarded for their efforts, instead, they will have the satisfaction of just having a chance to participate
--Fans who wear a "Generic" college jersey that may...or may not correspond to a famous athlete who may...or may not attend the same college will be greeted by a Captains Booster who will give them a $100 handshake
--And...the team says they considered offering free tickets to any local student-athlete for the game, but due to regulations, they'll have to show a student I.D to receive a $2 discount.

This folks, is subtle, somewhat passive-aggressive and very sarcastic humor at it's finest. Whomever the Lake County Captains P.R folks are, they should be applauded for this.


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