Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spain Eliminated In Brazil, Netherlands Advance


Group B is all figured out, but not the way everyone thought...

First, the Socceroos gave the Netherlands all they could handle including a Tim Cahill volley that could be the goal of the tournament. But, the Dutch came through in their dress blues for the wild 3-2 win to advance.

van Persie is out for the next match, but it won't matter in the grand scheme.

Interesting set-up for the second match of the day. Chilean fans stormed the stadium saying that they were having to pay $1,100 dollars for a ticket that didn't have an entry point to the stadium.

Here's Yahoo!Sports Graham Watson's viewpoint of the storming of the Media Center
((HT: Graham Watson's Instagram))

But, the questions now will come from all over the place on Spain- THE DEFENDING CHAMP!!!

The Champ Is Here, The Champ Is Gone...

Chile got a 2-0 lead and sat on it for the win and the knockout...

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