Sunday, June 29, 2014

Firefighter Hit by Lightning at Columbus Soccer Game


There's a rule that exists among meteorologists and weather folks that says if you can hear thunder, take cover because you could get hit by lightning.

And if you happen to find yourself at a sporting event when a thunderstorm rolls in. Well, you need to take cover, which is easier said than done.

Lt. Stu Tudor of the Columbus (OH) Fire Department is in an area hospital in critical condition after being struck by lightning in the parking lot of a Columbus Crew (MLS) soccer game.

According to WBNS-TV in Columbus, a man who took cover in a nearby portable toilet said he could feel the electricity and it sounded like a bomb going off. The man told the TV station he opened the door and saw Tudor lying on the ground.

The Crew postponed Saturday nights game, delaying it to Sunday afternoon though the forecast for the area says there is a very good chance more thunderstorms will be in the area.

WBNS provides Saturday night's TV report on what happened:

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