Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pete Rose Manages In Bridgeport

((HT: WTNH/SportsEdge.com))

For the first time in 25 years, Pete Rose was a manager- but it was in the Atlantic League. Which means, in the rules of baseball, it was fine since the Atlantic League isn't affiliated with Major League Baseball.

He returned to the dugout- although he wasn't in full uniform.
Stephanie Simoni was part of the circus

But Jeff Jacobs in the Hartford Courant makes the normal point where Rose is concerned:

Pete Rose is tone deaf. Just when you think he is in the right place, he says something, or does something that makes you realize he will never really learn. He admits to betting, although he insisted to ESPN he hasn't bet on baseball for a long time. But if he really wanted to show baseball how serious he was about his remorse, why would he live in Las Vegas? Why would he make a deal with a fantasy league called SportsBeep? Pete's about the money.

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