Tuesday, June 24, 2014

That's The Way To Get The Headlines From USMNT And Wimbledon, LeBron...

From Chris Broussard via Twitter:

LeBron James' agent Rich Paul has told Heat LeBron will exercise early termination option

Now, what...???

We go from this...
((HT: Miami Heat))

And this...
((HT: Miami Heat))

To him opting out and sending the entire NBA world in a tizzy of Biblical proportions...

Melo opts out. LeBron opts out. Cleveland could be a destination if you ask LeBron's wife on her Instagram account.
The Bulls, Mavs, Rockets, and Lakers want Melo.

But who can afford The Bron...???

That's the larger question as an unrestricted free agent...

Or is this just the first step to get everyone re-signed at lesser prices to get Melo (or someone else?) in the fold for the next few seasons to keep stocking the Heat roster...???

You're up, Pat Riley...??/

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