Thursday, June 26, 2014

Recardo Wimbush Sought For Child Imprisonment

((HT: WSB-TV))

This story alternates in the HQ's consciousness between classless, weird, and just plain awful.

Former Georgia Tech and NFL linebacker Recardo Wimbush is being sought, along with his wife, on charges that they basically imprisoned their 13-year-old son in their basement for the better part of a year. Police say nine other children were upstairs. The teenage boy was locked in a small room in the basement that had a bucket, a box spring, and a mattress.

The arrest warrant says that Wimbush and his wife told officials that the teenager molested three of his siblings and that was why he was alone downstairs. The child responded that he lied about stealing a DVD player.

Here's FOSG Tony Thomas

The Wimbushes have until Friday to turn themselves in to authorities.

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