Wednesday, June 18, 2014

US Patent Office Cancels Washington Redskins Patents


How's that one for you...???

On the grounds that the Washington Redskins nickname is of a "disparaging manner," the United States Patent Office has decided to pull the team's patent because of the apparent "offensive nature to Native Americans."

Team owner Daniel Snyder has given the NFL office and Commissioner Roger Goodell the "over my dead body" response in changing the team's nickname (though, he doesn't understand that he could have two separate revenue streams if he played his cards right). And, now, the NFL has gone ahead and taken this ingeniously active maneuver.

Here's the early returns
The team can, obviously, appeal- which they may already be doing after the 2-1 decision. And, here's the decision in full for your reading pleasure...

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office decision canceling Redskins trademarks

Anyone want to print up some Redskins t-shirts with some funny sayings to make a mint in the near future...???

Brother J-Dub... the floor is yours...

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