Saturday, June 28, 2014

Phillies Play-By-Play Guy Catches Home Run


Apparently he was happy about it, but wasn't allowed to say he was, which made it even funnier.

Check out the reaction of CSN Philly's Tom McCarthy, stationed in Centerfield to do Friday nights Braves vs. Phillies game in Philadelphia. McCarthy, who does play by play, decided to take his glove with him to his station near the bullpen in dead centerfield.

And low and behold as in the first inning, Atlanta's Freddie Freeman hits a monster 3-run homer to deep centerfield. Right where McCarthy and his cohorts were sitting (standing).

McCarthy made the catch, said that he was happy but not happy and proceeded to throw the ball right back on the field.

By the way, the Braves took care of the Phillies 4-2....

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