Monday, June 16, 2014

Memphis Family Comes Forward In Coach Cal Pay-For-Play Allegations

((HT: Local Memphis/ABC24))

FOSG Gil Tyree has been on top of this most recent allegation made against the University of Memphis and then-coach John Calipari by the family of former Tigers player Pierre Henderson-Niles.

Henderson-Niles’s uncle and legal guardian, Stephen Saine, is making Pay For Play accusations and is going public for the first time and has spoken to the NCAA already about it.

Saine says that Calipari's assistant at the time, and current UMass coach, Derek Kellogg was the middle man. Saine still won't say who was delivering the money or for how much. He says he told that much to the NCAA during a 45 minute interview session.

Here's GT with the knowledge...

Former players and current Memphis head coach Josh Pastner, an assistant to Cal in Memphis, are naturally coming to his defense and some claim not to have seen any indications of the arrangement Cal is alleged to have had with Henderson-Niles.

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