Saturday, June 21, 2014

Doncaster Rovers Heading In One Direction

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The HQ will be the first one to say that we have no earthly idea what the attraction is with the pop group One Direction.

Don't like the music. Don't get the music. Not gonna like it. Not gonna get it. Not gonna convert us in any way.

When we think about directions and music, we go here

But, we digress...

Whatever it is that makes the young girls swoon over One Direction has made them millionaires and one of them loves him some futbol. Louis Tomlinson loves him some futbol enough to take some of his discretionary income and be a co-owner in the League 1 side Doncaster Rovers.

The quote released by the team website:

“I want to be involved with things as much as I can.

“One aspect I would like to look into is the Youth side of the club. Doncaster is a very family orientated club and I hope to carry this on.

“I want people to recognise that Doncaster is a great football club, and this starts with the young supporters who come to the games with their mums or dads.

“It would be great to see more kids at the games with their families enjoying a day out at the football. It’s what it’s all about.”

Tomlinson grew up a Doncaster fan and even played in a Rovers Reserves match a while back. Most reserves matches only get a few hundred people to attend, but that night pulled in almost 5,000 fans for the fundraiser.

Will Tomlinson let the football people run the recently-relegated franchise or will the 22-year-old poke his nose in...? That's the 2014-15 season's first question...

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