Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CoC's Wojcik Caught Screaming At Staffer, Investigation Over For Now...


Now, all we need is the decision from The College, but this new piece if information surfaced the other day.

Charleston TV station WCIV has the below video sent to them (NSFW) where current head coach Doug Wojcik was caught being a little more than loud to a college staff member about travel plans.
WCIV-TV | ABC News 4 - Charleston News, Sports, Weather

The investigation, according to Channel 4, is all verbal with Wojcik- nothing of a physical nature. Wojcik's attorney, Scott Tompsett, says his client isn't quitting and wants to fulfill his deal.

Obviously, the guy isn't just going to leave money on the table just because...

"Coach Wojcik cooperated with the College’s investigation and he accepted the College’s sanctions. As far as he’s concerned, the investigation is over. And Coach Wojcik has started making amends and working on correcting his actions, as set forth in President Benson’s decision. We’re hopeful the team will move forward with him toward a successful season in the Colonial Athletic Association.

"I’m speaking for myself when I say this; everyone deserves a chance to correct their mistakes. This is the first time the College received complaints, and it did the right thing by conducting a thorough investigation and bringing it to Coach Wojcik’s attention. He’s taken this very seriously, as he should. And since the investigation began right through to President Benson’s decision, he’s been cooperative and compliant. And like anyone else, Coach Wojcik deserves a chance to make things right.

College president Glenn McConnell came out with a very short statement early on in the process:

“The College of Charleston treats all personnel matters with the utmost seriousness. The College is committed to acting appropriately and responsibly to address any issues involving College personnel and students.”

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