Friday, July 4, 2014

Gretzky Trying To Bring Hockey To Seattle...???

According to the New York Post, he is...

In an article by Larry Brooks and Josh Kosman, they say that he is a party in one of three groups trying to get a team into town.

But, remember, Commissioner Gary Bettman is in no mood to expand.
So, that means that a franchise like San Jose (looking for a new barn) or Arizona (in need of any kind of financial stability still) are under the looking glass from this moment forward.

That way, the geographic balance won't be upset- until the National Hockey League ultimately decides to expand...

Chris Hansen has said he won't put any kind of weight behind building his new arena that he is accumulating property for in South Downtown Seattle unless an NBA franchise is ready to be brought to town.

Chris Daniels had the story back in May about one of the groups that might be chasing an NHL franchise- led by Victor Coleman- that met with the mayor of Seattle.
Sportsnet's John Shannon had contact with those aligned with any Gretzky effort- from his Twitter: Gretzky source tells Sportsnet: "Potential ownership groups have reached out, but we certainly haven't aligned with anyone"
The HQ recalls just how involved Gretzky was with the Coyotes franchise, and it makes sense that his name would be attached to activities out west again.

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