Tuesday, July 1, 2014

ICYMI: Aaron Hernandez Shows Up In UF Football Calendar

((ht: deadspin.com))

So, if you are a University of Florida die-hard football fan, there's a really good chance you have a copy of the 2014 Calendar.

And if you just flipped that calendar over to the month of July, you might be mildly surprised (unless you read the headline) as to who your "Player of the Month" is.

It's none other than a former tight end/NFL star, now facing double murder charges.

Yes, it's Mr. Aaron Hernandez...

For their part, the folks in Gainesville said this is legit. The schools PR Folks telling Deadspin that these were put together far in advance. Before Hernandez was arrested.

So there's that.

You can read the Deadspin story RIGHT HERE

No, we aren't hating on the Gators Florida fans....it's nobody's fault this happened, it's just being pointed out. We fully realize this was done way ahead of time and no, Hernandez allegedly was not "officially" in trouble at the point this was produced.

It just looks kinda awkward....but hey, what can ya do? Go track down 10,000 calendars after they are printed?

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