Thursday, July 10, 2014

NPSL Northeast Region Playoffs Review/Preview

This week, only two games left in the regular season...

Buxmont hosts FCLVU Sonic and Rhode Island goes to Seacoast Mariners

Keystone Conference

Last week, GBFC Thunder solidified their number one spot for a 6-point advantage over Sonic with a 2-0 shutout. Junior Lone Star finished third. Buxmont had a 6-point weekend with wins over Clarkstown and Hershey FC. Pocono Snow and Electric City finished the season with 9 points and 5, respectively.

Mid Atlantic Conference

DC United Under-23's won the conference after their win over ASA Charge with 26 points. Virginia Beach City FC had their chance to win it, but a loss to Legacy 76 keeps them in second (21 points). RVA FC is third with 15 points after a loss and a win to Chesterfield United in a home-and-home. Legacy 76 finishes with 11 points. Chesterfield is at 7 and ASA Charge is fifth with 5 points.

North Atlantic Conference

It was Red Bulls and Brooklyn Italians all season long and they finished one-two. The two wins Red Bulls had over Brooklyn were the difference in points for the season (36-30)- win two was this last week. Red Bulls also knocked off NYAC. Seacoast Phantoms edged out NYAC for third (16-15).

Here's a look at all the goals the Phantoms scored at home this season
((HT: SeacoastTV their own selves))

Seacoast lost to Rhode Island in their season finale. NYAC shut out Greater Lowell in their finale.
((HT: GLUFC their own selves))

The Reds could finish fifth- right now at 9 points. Seacoast Mariners could jump them with a win. Greater Lowell wrapped with four points this season.

Here's the playoffs match-ups as the three conferences play crossovers
Round 1

GBFC Thunder vs. Virginia Beach City FC
GB Sports Complex
June 12 at 3:00 pm

Brooklyn Italians SC vs. FC LVU Sonic
LIU Brooklyn
June 12 at 5:00 pm

Round 2

NY Red Bulls U-23s vs. Winner of Brooklyn Italians SC/FC LVU Sonic
Red Bulls Training Facility
June 16 at 7:00 pm

D.C. United U-23s vs. Winner of GBFC Thunder/Virginia Beach City FC
Maryland SoccerPlex Stadium
July 16 at 6:00 pm

The region finals will take place on July 19 and will include the winners of the Round 2 matches.

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