Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ICYMI: Atlanta Sports Anchor Drops 20+ Robin Williams References in Sports Homage

Because we are based in Atlanta and worked in sports for many, many years, we know WSB-TV sports guy Zach Klein. We competed against and worked side-by-side with him for many years.

And Zach's a creative guy.

We believe because of where he works, that he restrains the humor and willingness to go out on a limb for stories.

But when he's allowed to, he does some great stuff.

Tuesday night Klein decided to pay tribute to comedian Robin Williams, who in case of you've been without power all week, died Sunday night.

Klein a subtle way, his sportscast to Williams by dropping over 20 references during a two-minute Sports segment.

Bravo sir! Nicely done:

We post this from YouTube because for some unknown reason, Klein's employers haven't made the clip available on their own website...

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