Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Well, That's One Way To Get The Fans Involved At Training Camp

((HT: The Black and Silver Way))

The Raiders, pretty much, don't like anyone- much less the Dallas Cowboys can attest over time...

Today, this happened at training camp where the two are beating up on each other- watch the right side of the screen

Yep, that was a fan taking a swipe when the Cowboys just got too plum aggressive towards the silver and black on the last play of practice. Dallas corner B.W. Webb got it twice in the back of the head by the time it was over.

"Two teams going after it and happened to be some fans, too," Webb told ESPNDallas' Tim MacMahon. "Hey man, it happened. I wasn't expecting that. But whoever jumped on my back, I had to get them off. Hey, you got to let them know, man, the only thing protecting you is this fence."

Webb is right and, sometimes, fans insert themselves where they really shouldn't...

But it IS the Raiders...

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