Monday, August 4, 2014

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Media Day Fight: The Day UFC Became the WWE


Yeah, read the headline, we said it. And we winced at the thought because like most of you, we were hoping this wouldn't happen.

Shortly after a media event in Las Vegas, UFC Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier got into a "skirmish".

The two men, for some yet-to-be determined reason were on a stage---we're guessing to announce tickets going on sale for the next UFC event in September, when the un-pleasantries began.

And not so coincidentally, the two guys are fighting each other in said event.

The two men ended up with a handful of security on UFC officials, crashing the banner behind them and making a big mess.

And to be totally honest, it looked like a boxing or WWE type of "melee"...or as former announcer Jim Ross used to say--a "Slobberknocker".

The two were separated but had a bit of a "Twitter" discussion afterwards.

You can read that exchange on RIGHT HERE

While the tension and angst here might be real, it sure looked a lot like a set-up to build momentum towards a Jones/Cormier match much like brawls between competitors do in Professional Wrestling (aw geez, we said it again). Somehow, we expect the actual match to be somewhat less staged...or at least we hope so.

Here's some Instagram video of the Pier 6'er from allelbows

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