Thursday, October 9, 2014

AP May Be In Jail All Day... Again...

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Montgomery County (TX) prosecutors have filed documents to have Adrian Peterson arrested again after he admitted to using drugs in violation of his bond condition.

Which really wasn't all that a smart idea...

Court records show while giving his urine sample during his court appearance earlier this week, Peterson admitted he had 'smoked a little weed' before the test.

As a result, the District Attorney's office has asked the judge in the case to set aside the $15,000 bond already forfeited in the case they're facing and have him arrested again.

Here's the motion by prosecutors to revoke the bond if you choose to view it

Rusty Hardin, Peterson's attorney, hasn't come forward to comment so far.

Which is news in and of itself...

DA Brett Ligon said he wants Judge Kelly Case recused after the she called each lead attorney in the case a "media whore."
Case apologized, saying the comment was meant as a joke. The remark was made after the attorneys wanted something along the lines of an expedited trial.

Hardin wanted something before Thanksgiving- which was denied. And it may be after the first of the year before the trial actually gets underway. It could be after Thanksgiving if the judge isn't bumped.

So, obviously, the timetable is still in play to get everyone into a courtroom...

Here's the story from the court where the judge misspoke...

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