Saturday, October 11, 2014

FSU to Make Winston Face Disciplinary Hearing


Overnight, word leaked out the Florida State University notified the lawyer for star QB Jameis Winston that he will be facing a disciplinary hearing.

The hearing is about the charges he sexually assaulted a woman back in December of 2012.

The investigation of that assault has been highly controversial, with charges that police and FSU officials helped to try diverting attention from what happened. And that they were less than forthcoming with the district attorney's office once word got out and an official investigation into charges began.

Mind you, the hearing is only to determine if he should be charged according to the school's code of conduct rules. If charged, he could be facing 4 different violations.

The hearing should take place sometime during the week.

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The perception by many outside of Tallahassee is FSU is executing a "CYA" move. They've had numerous opportunities to move in this direction in the past 20 months, but until now, have done nothing.

It should be noted Florida State is being investigated for Title IX violations in the way they handled this case and a FOXSports report on Friday detailed evidence they were not exactly forthcoming in sharing information with prosecutors investigating what happened.

We suspect nothing significant will come out of this, despite Mr. Winston's continuing lack of good behavior. But we could be wrong.

Since this is an ESPN based report, let's listen to the folks in Bristol discuss this on the phone with their legal guy Roger Cossack:

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