Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hmmm....Did Jameis Winston Do Same Thing Todd Gurley Did?


With all the hubbub over University of Georgia running back Todd Gurley's suspension over possibly getting paid to autograph memorabilia, someone decided to look and see if anyone else's name might show up on the same EBay website.

And lo and behold someone did.

We can't take credit for doing the original search, the Website Racing to a Red Light did it first.

Read their story RIGHT HERE

But after reading their story, we decided to check it out our own selves.

And not surprisingly, guess who's name shows up in the same authenticated NCAA memorabilia page next to Gurley.

None other than the Famous one himself, FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston...

((Note--This is only a partial list on the screen grab to the right))

The page itself is RIGHT HERE

Yes, there are 7 signed Gurley items on the page, ranging from $49 to $246. And the other 5 items on the page have Mr. Winston's name attached.

Mind you...this may be perfectly legitimate. Nothing here says overtly that Winston was paid to sign anything. Nor does it say Gurley was paid either.

But the items have been authenticated by the same service, that was used to authenticate the Gurley items.

If in fact, this is what incriminates Gurley with the NCAA and is the cause of his being suspended the rest of the season, since the video only alleges to show him signing but not being paid, then should the same thing apply to Winston?

We are just raising the question. One that won't be answered now, but probably needs to be asked sooner rather than later...

Decide for yourselves...

In the meantime, check out this story done by our friends at 11Alive TV which asks the question--Could the man named as the person who paid Gurley be sued by Georgia?

Good question:

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