Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ICYMI: Dayton Kicker Gets TD on His Kickoff

Please allow us to explain this headline, because a kicker scoring a TD on his own kickoff isn't so easy to do.

The set up: The University of Dayton played Marist Saturday. The Flyers took a 21-14 lead in the second quarter and Dayton kicker William Will (his real name) kicked off to Marist.

Marist's Lawrence Dickens caught the kick and was running it back when he fumbled.

Amazingly, the ball bounced around and hopped straight up into Will's hands.

The happy kicker ran as fast as he could...and scored a touchdown, putting his team up 28-14. Dayton won the game 31-21...and Will was named Pioneer League Special Teams Player of the Week.

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