Friday, October 3, 2014

Maybe Oregon Should Stop Playing Arizona When They're Ranked (UPDATED W/Locker Room Reax)

((HT: Pac-12 Network))

You could see the signs early on...

Constant pressure in Marcus Mariota's face and keeping all the receiver activity in front of the secondary. In addition to that, the Arizona defense made sure that Mariota didn't get loose in his own and break off a big run.

Arizona traded punches with Oregon and won in Autzen Stadium- again...

Whaddya want to bet that folks ni Michigan are REALLY rueing the idea that Rich Rod ended up in Tucson and wasn't around in Ann Arbor for all this Brady Hoke mess...

Great strip and steal by Scooby Wright and:


Yes, the HQ knows despite their hideousness, they will sell out and some of the proceeds will hopfully go to a great cause.

Here's the reaction in the Arizona locker room...
((HT: Arizona Wildcats their own selves))

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