Friday, October 3, 2014

OSG Prem: No Apology From Mourinho On Wenger Remarks

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With Chelsea and Arsenal going at it this weekend in the Premier League, the press conferences are flying around between Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and Chelsea's chosen one...

Mourinho is still hot that the Spanish national squad called up Diego Costa, so he has that to worry about in a week's time. But he also is not offering up an apology for these comments late last year from February.

The HQ likes it when they dig at each other overseas and it comes out like that.

Mourinho, for the record, is not backing down from his assessment.

"It was a consequence of something," Mourinho said when asked. "It was not a deliberate first option to say something. I didn't get an apology. I don't apologise."

And don't ever expect one...

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