Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pegulas Approved As New Bills Owners


To the tune of $1.4-billion...

The Pegulas needed three-quarters majority approval from the other NFL 31 owners plus the Wilson Family Trust. Ralph Wilson Jr. died back in late March and bids were taken in July.

Bidders included Rogers Communications with Jon Bon Jovi as front man, Donald Trump, and the Pegulas.

On September 8, they submitted their final bid. It turned out to be the highest sale price for a team in league history.

The Pegulas also own the Buffalo Sabres and are looking to build a new lakefront development to incorporate a Bills arena, entertainment complex, and hopefully a new football stadium.

Here's part of the wait from New York City

The Pegulas will be using a wire transfer to take care of the sale price.

The funny part is that there is a $25 fee that goes with the money attachment and the Trust can't take checks...

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