Friday, October 10, 2014

Report: FSU Complicated Jameis Winston Investigation


Oh boy. An excellent piece of investigative reporting by FOX Sports has turned up proof that Florida State administrators had a hand in making the investigation of star QB Jameis Winston's rape allegations much more difficult to prosecute.

Reporter Kevin Vaughn dug into a mountain of e-mails along with audio and video recordings which show that FSU on more than one occasion gave information to their hand-picked attorney for Winston before giving or releasing the same information to investigators.

If this is proven in a court of law, things, um...well, they could get a bit more interesting.

Read Vaughn's excellent and detailed report RIGHT HERE

It essentially says that both University Police, Tallahassee Police and FSU athletics assistant Monk Bonasarte ran interference, deflecting both reporters questions and making sure that Winston's attorney's had the most up to date information on witnesses and others before District Attorney Willie Meggs' office did.

And yes, we know, while that unto itself does not prove that Winston committed a crime, it does indicate what many have suspected. The atmosphere in Tallahassee appears to be set-up to protect Winston or other football players at the expense of potential victims or anyone who calls athletes out for possible misdeeds.

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