Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Automatic" Aquayo Saves Florida State's Season.

FSU's Roberto Aquayo's Game Winner
Florida State kicker Roberto Aguayo is known in Tallahassee as "Automatic Aquayo".

He had to be on a rainy afternoon at Doak Campbell Stadium kicking his first game - winning field goal of his career.  A 26 yard field goal that sailed through the uprights and saved the Seminoles defeating Boston College 20-17.

“To win a game, I’d never felt that feeling,” Aguayo said.

So the undefeated season remains intact.  The winning streak has reached 27 games but with the three point win over a pretty good Boston College team the game control wasn't there.

You got to have that to impress the College Football Playoff committee.

We're undefeated." Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher said.  "We finish every game. Everybody else in the country has not finished at least one game. We've finished every one of them. Isn't that the object?"

Yes it is however game control seems to carry more weight that just winning it.

College Football Playoff selection committee chairman Jeff Long said on Tuesday night: "It's more of, the committee watches the games and then we discuss the game and we talk about whether the game was a back-and-forth contest, whether someone assumes control in the game early and keeps it throughout, (or) whether they assumed (control) in the second quarter or the third quarter or the fourth quarter and controlled it to the end."

If game control is your metric of where teams should be ranked than Florida State slipped again.

Saturday's opposing head coach, Steve Addazio sides with his conference rival.

"The object is to win football games and find a way to win and they have obviously
done an unbelievably great job of doing that, that’s what I really look at." Addazio said. "They play in a Power 5 conference, I think one of the better Power 5 conferences, and week in and week out they find a way to win."

"We were downgraded every time we blew someone out last year, so think of the irony of that." Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston said.  "If we win the game close, we're bad, when we blow someone out, we're bad."

“Florida State is the number one team in the country." Addazio said.

The bottom line is all Florida State has to do is finish in the Top four of the CFB Playoff poll and they are in.

You would think though that the only undefeated team in major college football would be the number one seed, conference affiliation be damned.

Florida and Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship Game remain on Florida State's schedule and both games will be difficult to control from the kickoff on.

Judging from the Seminoles past performance close games are the norm.

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