Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Turkey's Aren't Rivals Edition

Because of course they can't fly. But rivalry games, they live on forever. And this week, after last weeks overwhelming spate of Cupcake games, we get rivalry week. Where there is actually a lot at stake.

Okay, cupcakes, donuts...we couldn't find a clip of Homer saying cupcakes...

Anyway, so many big games, so much Turkey, so little time.

About last week. Well, we had a pretty good week, but there weren't a lot of tough picks. We called the Arkansas game, but missed on Kansas State/West Virginia.

Eh, it happens. We still went 13-1 for the week, which is pretty good and put us at 126-30 for the season, which is damn good.

But enough about's time as the legendary Casey Kasem says to get "On With the Countdown"...


1) Florida State 11-0. Ok, yeah, we know, they've barely won against inferior competition. But they won. And that is the point. Will they win it all--who knows...but there's something to be said for running the table.

And that's the bottom line. Will they beat UF this week. We're tempted to pick an upset this week, but we won't do it here. This Week: vs. Florida, Our Pick: FSU 31, UF 21

2) Alabama 10-1. Last week doesn't count. But it doesn't matter, the Tide have gotten better every week. Do not underestimate them. Ever. Amari Cooper's status may have an impact, just not this week. This Week: vs. Auburn, Our Pick: Bama 47, Auburn 34

3) Oregon 10-1. Okay, the Duckies are West Coast good. But does that translate? We don't think so. Still, aside from the Arizona hiccup, they've been good. But the defense isn't, and that's what will cause them to eventually lose. This Week: at Oregon St.. Our Pick: Oregon 45, Oregon St. 42

4) TCU 10-1. No, we don't know why they struggled with Kansas. But they did. Still, they've been impressive in most other ways. Not their fault there's no Big 12 title game. And yes, we know, they lost to Baylor. This Week: at Texas, Our Pick: TCU 27, Texas 21

5) Mississippi St. 10-1. Yes, they lost to Alabama. But are they REALLY a CFB Playoff team? That is the question. We think if you don't win your conference you should not be eligible. But apparently the committee does not. Oh well. This Week: at Ole Miss, Our Pick: Ole Miss 31, Miss St. 27 UPSET!!!

6) Ohio St. 10-1. The most improved team in CFB. Bar none. And they may jump into the Final 4. Would not surprise us a bit. They may be the most dangerous non-SEC team in it. This Week: vs. Michigan. Our Pick: tOSU 48, Michigan 17

7) Baylor 9-1. Sure, we're the only ones with the Bears ranked this low. So what? Yeah, we still see them as soft. And outside the TCU and Oklahoma games they haven't played anyone. Next week vs. K-State will be telling. But we're not there yet. This Week: at Texas Tech, Our Pick: Baylor 53, T-Tech 21

8) Georgia 9-2. When dialed in, one of the most dangerous teams in CFB. But, since team Brain Fart lived up to their name, they need help if they want to be a spoiler. Love Nick Chubb, because of him, they'll be good for at least 2 more years. This Week: vs. Ga. Tech, Our Pick: UGA 43, Tech 21

9) UCLA 9-2. Finally, they're playing like everyone expected them to at the beginning of the season. Big win last week vs. USC. If they somehow ended up in PAC-12 title game, they'd be a tough out for Oregon. This Week: vs. Stanford, Our Pick: UCLA 28, Stanford 23

10) Kansas St 9-2. Jake Waters picked a good week to have a career game vs. W.Va. 400 yards is a pretty good accomplishment on the road. And yes, the Wildcats still might have a voice in who makes the CFB 4. This Week: BYE

11) Arizona 9-2. Rich Rod has done wonders here. The Wildcats best season in a long, long time. Anu Soloman has been a revelation at QB, leading the team in rushing and passing. He's thrown 25 TD's already this season. This Week: vs. Arizona St. Our Pick: Arizona 37, Az State 31

12) Michigan St. 9-2. The Spartans look great on paper. And have only lost to Oregon and Ohio St. Of course they were the only two tough games they've played too. The Big 10...yeah, not so good. And that hurts these guys. This Week: at Penn St., Our Pick: Mich St. 31, PSU 21


It's been a challenging season for our Bottom 5. The list has changed slightly. We boosted defending champ Miami of Ohio out of the list after two wins, but you could still argue they belong here. If we did a Bottom 10, they definitely would be on that list.

But nobody could stop SMU. The Mustangs truly were unstoppable in their march to the Toilet Bowl. No wins and offensive output, was truly offensive gave them an unbeatable edge.

We should give special mention to Georgia State, winners of 1 game the past two seasons. Guys, you better get your acts together. You may become permanent residents. And we are thinking about naming the trophy after you....

Yes, we know the season is not over, but it would be a shock if any of these teams actually win...

5) New Mexico St. 2-9. What's a bottom poll without a New Mexico team. The Aggies started out with 2 wins and followed that with 9 straight losses. But hey, the season is almost over--so there's that. This Week: at Arkansas St., Our Pick: Ark St. 47, New Mexico St. 21

4) Kent ST. 1-9. You know you are bad when your game gets snowed out, postponed and there's no interest in making it up. The Flashes are one of the worst offenses in the game. And the D isn't much better. Hopefully there's no snow in Ohio this week. This Week: vs. Akron, Our Pick: Akron 21, Kent St. 10

3) Idaho 1-9. Yes, they beat NM State. But they've not beaten anyone else. To their credit, they've been competitive. Sort of. It doesn't make up for the record. And they play in the Snowy Appalachian Mountains this week. This Week: at Appalachian St., Our Pick: Appy St. 35, Idaho 21

2) Georgia State 1-10. Sigh. Yes, they play here in OSG's hometown. But nobody knows it. For good reason. The poster children for how NOT to become a FCS level team. They'll be a punchline for a very long time. There was hope after an opening week win. But, then...yeah...reality. This Week: vs. Texas St., Our Pick: Texas St 37, Ga. St 17

1) SMU 0-10. Yes ladies and gentlemen, your champs. Sure, they have two games left, but do you really think the Mustangs will win either one? Nah, neither do we. Though they do play UConn to end the season so there's a chance...maybe. This Week: vs. Houston, Our Pick: Houston 47, SMU 10.

And so ends the week in College Football. Championship week is almost upon us...

But until then, we hope you all have a Happy Turkey and all the trimmings...we'll talk again next week.

Enjoy your new music cut of the week:

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