Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Morning Wrap: New Double A Baseball Team Named after Oysters

((ht: cbssports.com))

Wait, what? The headline says this story is about Oysters? Or does it?

One of the great things about Minor League Baseball is you often get some crazy team names and some wacky promotions.

The latest: A new Southern League (Double A) team in Biloxi, Mississippi. The team is an affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers.

And Monday night, they debuted their new name....

Yes...the Shuckers...feel free to come up with your own jokes...

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, they have a "B.S" cap logo. Or at least they are planning on having one.

Personally, we think they should have a jersey featuring hot sauce, saltine crackers and beer, but that just may be us...

You might want to add biscuits to, especially on June 15th when the Shuckers travel to Montgomery, Alabama to play the Biscuits.

I'm getting hungry just thinking about that game.

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