Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Buffalo Bills Mario Williams Brings Backhoe to Dig Out Jim Kelly's Driveway

((ht: instagram/jillmkelly))

Haha! This is an epic moment highlighting what is nothing less than an epic snowstorm overwhelming the people of northwestern New York.

Check out this Instagram video shot by former Buffalo Bills QB Jim Kelly's wife Jill.

The video shows Jim talking about the ungodly amount of snow on their driveway, then Jill pans the camera left to show a backhoe there to help plow/clear it.

The driver of the backhoe...Current Bills Defensive End Mario Williams.



  1. That's awesome Jim YOU have great friends,was always a fan of you except when you were playing my New England Patriots...Good Luck stay warm....John

  2. Making the best of it! LOL. GO Bills. Mario know how to plow through big piles.

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